Madison Street Capital Nominated Again

The 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards announced their finalists for this year. On the list were some familiar names and some fresh new players. The latter is the up and coming Madison Street Capital.

Madison Street Capital blew the industry away with a deal that made their name known. With a client company, Dowco, they acquired Acuna & Asociados S.A. Their role in this deal was lead by Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha. This put them in the nomination category for International and Industrials Deal of the Year (Under $10MM)

In addition to that nomination, Madison Street Capital scored the nomination for The Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. This award puts investment banks like this on the map. With a focus in middle market, Madison Street Capital used excellent strategy and focus to provide diverse financial options. Learn more:

Bankruptcy services, Buy Out Advisory, and Corporate Governance are just some of the network’s specialties. With resources and expertise abound, Madison Street Capital has a diverse ability to meet many business and company needs.

This company is dedicated to assisting in cooperate growth. Not only is it their passion, but their skills align pretty perfectly. Madison Street Capital accepts diverse clients. Whether private or public, their team works hard from their offices in North America, Asia, and Africa.

Creating opportunity and facilitating success are at the forefront of this 2016 nominee’s plans for the clients they support. This spans across all industries. From healthcare to real estate, Madison Street Capital is earning their nomination the world over.

While the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. was a hit, the every day moves that this company makes are what keep them so deserving of their nomination and their industry respect.

Madison Street also received nomination and won the 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award, making them a strong contender in the upcoming awards for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. This is proceeded by their Wins Cross Border Deal of the Year.

Gorgeous Hair by WEN by Chaz

Gorgeous Hair starts with using the right type of product. If you are currently using the shampoo of any brand, you are literally stripping your hair of all of its natural oils that keep it looking its best. This is why a lot of women have been switching to Cleansing conditioners because they truly were you can transform your hair for the better. Cleansing conditioners come in a variety of different scents, one of the most popular brands out there is known as WEN by Chaz and you have probably heard of them in the past.

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Solvy: Helping With Math

Math is not a subject for everyone. There are a lot of people that find themselves stuck when it comes to some of the more complicated math problems. Students often find themselves panicking at the equations that are littered with letters.

For the longest time, the only option that students had was to just take the failure or the low grade in algebra. However, there are developers like Alexei Beltyukov who have come up with a solution to the issue. As a result, students have been given something that could not only help them learn the equations but also help develop their confidence with the topic.

 Alexei has developed Solvy as a platform that can help students learn math. There are a lot of advantages that come with this platform. For one thing, teachers can find out where each student needs the most support so that he can make sure that he gives them the support they need in the topics where they are struggling the most with.

With the help of Solve, more students will learn how to figure out the math problems. As a result, more students will make it through the class with higher grades.

While a lot of people may not understand why math is important, it can actually help with a few different things. For one thing, math can help with figuring out budget and other activities.

Alexei Beltyukov has developed something that could not only help students solve problems, but also help them learn skills that could be applied to the real world later on in life.

This invention from Alexei does not just help students, but also saves time for teachers. They can take the time to grade the work that is returned to them so that they can prepare the next lesson.

Bold. Bright. Doe Deere. Lime Crime.

As a blogger, Doe Deere was very vocal about what she liked and what she didn’t like. She did not like the rules of the makeup and fashion industry but she did like the colors that they utilized in the fashion world. She simply hoped for something more in the makeup world. She wanted something that would give her the chance to express herself on her face in the same way that she was able to express herself in her clothes. This was the biggest dilemma that she had as a makeup blogger and as someone who loved color.

She also recognized that many of her readers were the same way. They wanted color in their makeup collection. They did not want boring beige or tones of sparkly gray. They wanted bright. They wanted electric. And, they wanted to have it all to make the perfect colorful look of makeup on their face. She knew that she had to come up with a solution instead of just continuing to create boring makeup looks that she knew that her readers would not like or that she knew that they would not want to try because they, like her, wanted to have color.

She started making her own makeup in a way that nobody else had done before. She used pigments and specific ingredients that allowed her to make colorful makeup choices that would last. She also made sure that all of the makeup that she used was high-quality and cruelty-free. This was something that she was passionate about and something that she felt should be included in her makeup routine. She wanted her readers to be happy with the things that she did and knew that these things were important to all of her readers, as well.

With that, she started to sell the makeup that she created. Lime Crime was born out of necessity and as a result of something that she truly felt passionate about. The brand was intended for anyone who wanted color and who wanted to be able to get the makeup that they wanted. She solved another problem, too. The makeup that was brightly colored in the past was filled with harmful ingredients. She eliminated those from her own makeup and made sure that her customers (who had been readers before) knew that she was using ingredients that would not be overly harmful to their health.

Learn more about Doe Deere!

Lovaganza- A Celebration of Cultures Around the World

Hands across the world may well be an appropriate name for Lovaganza. They have a goal on, which is to create an understanding of what our connections to each other are. They also want to show the world what makes each and every culture unique in its own way. Maybe this will be a step in the right direction to have a prosperous and healthy world in which to live.

By showcasing the different cultures around the world on they will show us all the different ethnic backgrounds, their culture, music, and art that makes up our world.

This extravaganza of Lovaganza will run from May to September 2020 and will have an entertainment genre that has never been seen before. All of this will take place simultaneously around the world in eight different locations.

Inspired by the past, present, and future of our cultures you will begin to feel the nostalgia of years gone by. The atmosphere will remind you of the era of the World’s Fairs and the old Cinerama.

In 2017 a Traveling Show will hit the road to promote the celebrations of 2020, and to present its goals and the mission it has undertaken. They will be presenting a sample of the new cinematic glasses along with a free 3D immersive experience.

The Immerscope is a ground breaking cinema screen with an 180 curved wraparound, glassless screen that will let the guests see the different cultures of the world by viewing an animated series, The Marvelous 12.

Visit one of their pavilions in the caravan where they will present “A Walk Around the World”. This attraction in Lovaganza will literally allow the audience to walk around the world, in different countries on all the continents. They are presenting this exhibition in hopes of promoting a better understanding of just what makes us unique and unites us all.

They have scheduled three celebrations to reach their goal of a healthy, prosperous world to live in. These celebrations are being called Lovaganza 2020 for unity, for peace, and for abundance.

On September 14,2020 people in America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Oceania will unite in “Hands Across the World “. Lovaganza is to be a worldwide event to demonstrate unity by millions of people holding hands to form a human chain through all of the continents.

By way of a Unity Machine, a virtual bridge over the mountains, deserts, and oceans will allow a person to connect on a screen with someone on another continent.

Madison Street Capital latest M&A Advisor Nomination a Test of Things to Come

The Annual M&A Advisor Awards has nominated Madison Street Capital (MSC) in the list of finalist for its upcoming 15th gala edition following outstanding achievements in deal making and the financial sector. A report published by on August, 2016, indicates that Madison Street Capital was nominated under two categories, the International and Industrials Deal Maker of the Year and Boutique Investment Banking Company of the Year. The privately held corporate finance advisory services firm has in the past few years been very successful at undertaking M&A transactions and raising capital. The International and industrial deals under scrutiny are those classified under the $100 million category. The investment and industrial deal that led to the short listing was the transaction involving the purchase of Acuna & Asociados by Dowco.

Madison Street Capital alongside its senior MD Karl Calhuna played a crucial role in overseeing the grand acquisition in the steel detailing sector. Part of the reason why this deal stood out according to the company MD was because of its complex nature. The transaction involved piecing together numerous moving components and streamlining cross border agreements. On his part, the CEO of Madison Street Capital Charles Botchway attributes the latest wave of success and recognition to the company’s diligent dealmakers who work around the clock on multiple time zones to match and support various clients and businesses. The long awaited 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala will take place at the New York Athletic Club on November 9 before a packed audience that will witness the announcement of the eventual winners.

About Madison Street Capital
Madison Street Capital is at the forefront of providing corporate advisory services, chief among them is financial advisory on a global scale. According to the company website,, this highly successful international investment banking group offers business valuation, financial opinions, mergers and acquisition expertise and corporate financial advisory services. The company’s other areas of specialty include financial reporting, capital raising, financial opinions and tax compliance. The bulk of clients served by Madison Street capital are private and publicly held businesses in different economies.

As experts in mergers and acquisition, the Chicago based investment outfit has taken a keen interest in emerging markets because it sees huge growth potential in these previously underserved markets. The level of professionalism and dedication of the company staff has earned Madison Street Capital lots of plaudits from across the world. According to, Madison Street Capital professionals have vast experience in partnering with middle market companies from a cross spectrum of industries with the aim of producing successful outcomes. To do this, the experts are adept at analyzing every client’s needs before coming up with corresponding financing solutions and potential clients.

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Marc Sparks’ Spark Tank

We’ve all heard of Shark Tank, but are you familiar with Spark Tank? Spark tank is an innovative idea that helps fund social services and nonprofits by providing them a unique opportunity to compete for grant money and mentoring from Marc Sparks, a successful Dallas entrepreneur and venture capitalist. Sparks and Lynne Sipiora started the venture after considering how social services and nonprofits causes in the Dallas/Fort Worth area could greatly benefit from entrepreneurial skills.

In order for organizations to participate in Spark Tank, they must have been a 501c3 nonprofit that has been around for at least 2 years. Once chosen, finalists are given the opportunity to present their ideas and show how they will weigh the results, and from there decision are made and grants awarded. It is a fun process that draws a lot of attention to community needs and in one organization’s case, gives them the funds to get the ball rolling.

Sparks is an entrepreneur at heart and has made it personal concern that finalists succeed in their goals. His mentoring program assure the nonprofits that they are presenting themselves to the best of their ability, and taking advantage of lucrative opportunities along the way. His grant money is intended to ‘spark’ the programs, but more entrepreneurial smarts are needed to continue to succeed.

October 1st is the deadline for applicants to compete in Spark Tank’s round 3. There are three total rounds and a winner will be chosen from each. The three round winners will then go on to compete against one another in December. The winning applicant will take home the prize.
While Marc has lead a series of successful business ventures in the past, this is also not his first venture into philanthropy. He has helped to transform the Samaritan Inn, a Dallas homeless shelter, from a run-down shelter to a thriving center that feeds over 200 people per day. He built a transitional housing center and helped start a successful tenant run thrift store. Moreover, he has also written a book, “They Can’t Eat You,” which gives readers an optimistic view of how anyone can be a successful entrepreneur.

Stayed tuned coming October to find out who the third round winner of Spark Tank is, as they prepare to go up against the first two round winners, Mommies in Need and Dogs Matter.

Transform Your Dull Dry Lips With Superior Coverage

Having sultry full lips can be a matter of confidence about your appearance. Busy professionals want to carry out their day with lips that stand out and help them communicate actively with their clients and/or colleagues. In fact, far too many people complain about the harsh effects of the elements on their lips including the cold dry air of the winter months. Transform your dry cracked lips with the superior protection of Evolution of Smooth reasonably priced on Walmart for all budgets. Best of all, their lip balm products work well for men and women.
Evolution of Smooth Products

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Surprisingly, all EOS lip balm products are made with all natural ingredients. Customers never have to worry about harsh additives that threaten to damage their lips. They have a huge list of beauty products that include signature lip balm, lotion for your hands & body, and shaving creams. Evolution of Smooth is immersed in antioxidant rich vitamins. You’ll get petroleum free organic lip balm with shea butter packed in every lip balm.

Evolution of Smooth allows you to pamper and nourish your lips. They promote soft beautiful lips and their products go on smooth. You’ll get an all day hold that eliminates the need to keep applying lip balm. They also have great scented products that won’t leave a nasty after taste when you’re eating or drinking. Take pack your confidence if you smoke or signs of aging on your lips. Thousands of women around the world trust the ingredients in Evolution of Smooth and use it every day as a low cost effective form of lip therapy. Choose these products on your next Walmart shopping.

You’re invited to visit the Evolution of Smooth website: for more details on their list of beauty products today. Also see,


U.S. Money Reserve’s Recent Awards for Videography

The Videographer Awards is an annual competition that rewards excellence in various aspects of videography during the current year and is operated and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

A vast array of businesses throughout the world enter their video work. This year the U.S Money Reserve was recently given four awards for the 2016 Videographer Awards for its work in the area of videography. The two most highlighted of these were Awards in Excellence in “TV/Commercials/Product” and “Creativity in TV/Cinematography.”

The U.S. Money Reserve is known for its primary business-being one of the world’s largest distributor of gold, silver, and platinum. Their videography experience came from an infomercial they aired on TV that featured testimonies from satisfied customers.

The two Awards of Excellence received by the company are extra special because they are considered among the most prestigious in the videography industry. There are several of these kinds of awards given out and winning two of them means a lot to the company.

Angela Koch, CEO of U.S. Money Reserve, says this has enormously bolstered the company’s confidence in its marketing, media, and production teams. She says she is incredibly proud of how real to the public they make the beating heart of the company.

According to PR Newswire, the U.S. Money Reserve definitely had a lot of competition with 1,500 companies around the world sending entries in for the prize. These are not its only recent awards in videography. Last month the company also took the Bronze medal at the 37th annual Telly Awards for another video project called “Philip Diehl IRA.”

To get more details contact the company by visiting . U.S. Money Reserve is a relatively young company, having been founded in 2001. But it has grown astronomically since that time to have hundreds of thousands of clients all across the U.S. The marketing, media, and production professionals mentioned above only comprise a small fraction of its many varied expertise.

U.S. Money Research employs experts in many fields with its best being in the field of coin research. These experts are the best in the world, with impeccable knowledge about the most valuable coins.

One of the reasons that U.S. Money Reserve has so many loyal customers is because it has one of the best customer service programs that you will find anywhere. They have operations all over the country, but have their headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Securus Technologies Introduces a ConnectUs Application to the Corrections Market

At Securus Technologies, we are saving clients time and money by integrating our Grievance application and Inmate Forms on ConnectUs. We operate on a philosophy of serving and connecting. Our main agenda is to set new standards of distinction in the corrections market.

Russell Roberts’ opinions

Russell Roberts believes that Securus is headed in the right direction. He gives the Grievance Application and Inmate Forms as one of the examples of our dedication to providing high-quality services. Russell heads our Marketing and Strategy division. As the division’s Vice President, he is in charge of our investment strategies.

Correctional agencies utilize paper forms for many inmate requests including medical, sign up forms, grievances, and handbook acceptance forms. The correctional administrators/officer spend a lot of time issuing, assembling, longing, copying, routing, filing and storing forms.

About the ConnectUs application

This innovative application allows inmates to access customized forms. The process of changing the form is easy and time conscious. It does not involve any form of printing. The ConnectUs application converts manual paper procedures to digital automation. The application is making a significant difference for clients. Automation of these processes allows the correctional facilities to focus on other important matters such improving safety and security. Detainees can access the forms on a self-service basis, check out the status of grievances, and accept or file an appeal.

Securus Technology

Securus Technology is among the largest and reliable providers of high-quality detainee communications, innovative information management solutions, and parolee tracking. Our main offices are based in Dallas, Texas, and we have regional offices in Atlanta, Dallas metro area, and Georgia. We offer our services to about 2,600 correctional agencies in 45 states, Mexico, Canada, and District of Columbia. Over one million incarcerated persons, enjoy our visionary services and products. Our mission is to make the world a better place by using technology.