Securus Technologies Introduces a ConnectUs Application to the Corrections Market

At Securus Technologies, we are saving clients time and money by integrating our Grievance application and Inmate Forms on ConnectUs. We operate on a philosophy of serving and connecting. Our main agenda is to set new standards of distinction in the corrections market.

Russell Roberts’ opinions

Russell Roberts believes that Securus is headed in the right direction. He gives the Grievance Application and Inmate Forms as one of the examples of our dedication to providing high-quality services. Russell heads our Marketing and Strategy division. As the division’s Vice President, he is in charge of our investment strategies.

Correctional agencies utilize paper forms for many inmate requests including medical, sign up forms, grievances, and handbook acceptance forms. The correctional administrators/officer spend a lot of time issuing, assembling, longing, copying, routing, filing and storing forms.

About the ConnectUs application

This innovative application allows inmates to access customized forms. The process of changing the form is easy and time conscious. It does not involve any form of printing. The ConnectUs application converts manual paper procedures to digital automation. The application is making a significant difference for clients. Automation of these processes allows the correctional facilities to focus on other important matters such improving safety and security. Detainees can access the forms on a self-service basis, check out the status of grievances, and accept or file an appeal.

Securus Technology

Securus Technology is among the largest and reliable providers of high-quality detainee communications, innovative information management solutions, and parolee tracking. Our main offices are based in Dallas, Texas, and we have regional offices in Atlanta, Dallas metro area, and Georgia. We offer our services to about 2,600 correctional agencies in 45 states, Mexico, Canada, and District of Columbia. Over one million incarcerated persons, enjoy our visionary services and products. Our mission is to make the world a better place by using technology.

Lip Balm Can Make A Healthy Mouth

Everyone who wants to have a healthier mouth needs to think about more than just brushing their teeth. Brushing teeth is a good start for people who want to have a healthy mouth, but their lips are really important, too. Lip balm like Evolution of Smooth is something that will help people keep their lips healthy so that there is not a problem with drying and cracking.
Lips will start to bleed when they are drying and cracking, and it can be very hard for people to recover from that if they are not using a lip balm. Evolution of Smooth will infuse lips with a lot of natural ingredients that will make them feel good, and it will be very easy for someone to keep using the lip balm every day until they have smoother lips.

Smooth lips appear after the lips have been treated and allowed to heal after use of lip balms like Evolution of Smooth. That means that smooth lips take time, and then they need to be treated the right way every day. Using Evolution of Smooth is helpful because it goes on simply, and then it sinks into lips so that they are not getting too dry. There are a lot of people who use Evolution of Smooth right before they need to speak, or they can use it before they play an instrument or have to use their lips at work talking on the phone.

The people who are using Evolution of Smooth often need to keep it on them so that they will not have problems. They need to know that they can put it on at any time, and they need to know that it will work. They can feel the effects of the lip balm when they use it, and their lips will survive harsh conditions. For more info, check out the EOS website at and visit their Facebook page.

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Lovaganza Announcement features Several Highly Anticipated Global Events

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Lovaganza is a platform that operates on two arms. Lovaganza entertainment franchise is a for-profit entertainment wing that provides global entertainment from all cultures. The other arm is Lovaganza foundation that uses proceeds from the other arm to provide aid to people in need around the globe.

Inspired by the past and the mid-20th-century classics, Lovaganza is preparing for the international celebrations that have been scheduled to take place from May to September of 2020. The celebrations will take place simultaneously in 8 locations around the world.

All cultures around the world shall be showcased in the presentation. This shall be done through cultural celebrations and culture-specific entertainments. The events shall range from live events to exhibitions and motion pictures on Vimeo. All the events will be under an umbrella theme of embarking to a bohemian adventure.

The celebrations had previously been scheduled to occur in 2015 but were pushed to 2020. Lovaganza was done to make sure the event incorporated the new technologies and cutting edge concepts of entertainment. This will enable the firm to give their fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of experiencing all the cultures in the world.

The organizers of the event plan to showcase various cultures including African culture, Middle East, Asian, Oceania, European and American cultures. The celebrations will last for four months in the unprecedented spread of hands across the world ceremony.

The events in 2020 shall be introduced by a traveling show that will begin in 2017. The show is meant to publicize the 2020 event. The road trip shall also incorporate the launching of 3D glasses developed by Lovaganza. The show will enable people around the world to have a taste of the cinematic glasses.

Three major motion pictures shall be released and viewed through the new 3D glasses. This motion pictures will also be available at the Lovaganza traveling pavilion. The pavilion will feature the standard 3D glasses and 2D theaters in their traveling show.

The basic shoots for the motion picture have already begun in various locations around the world featuring USA, Spain, and France. The filming shall resume at a later date in India, Africa and the rest of the specified location around the world.

During Lovaganza traveling show, the film trilogy shall be aired on the innovative Immerscope screens. The screens are aimed to create a new cinematic experience never been experienced anywhere before. It is also aimed to revive the nostalgia of the old Cinerama screens.

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How IAP is Providing Reliable Solutions to Its Clients

IAP has managed to distinguish itself by providing exceptional logistics and professional technical services. Its operations cover over 25 countries. The firm similarly has a Taskforce of more than 2,000 employees who are highly skilled. This ensures that the needs of its clients in the public and private sector are met. The company has for over 60 years been offering exceptional services, which have made it a force to reckon with in the international services industry.

Trailing IAP’s History

The firm was initially started to provide procurement and logistics services. Its early clients were military organizations. This explains why IAP Worldwide Services has gone on to become one of the most trusted partners of the United States military. This level of credibility has seen the company awarded tens of million-dollar contract to offer different services. Over the years, it has expanded tremendously by acquiring other firms. This has seen it expand its capacity to offer a myriad of logistics, disaster management, and facilities management services.

In a bid to bring services closer to its clients, IAP has offices in Washington D.C, Florida, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. This is also in line with the firm’s expansion strategy, which is to ensure that its customers have access to outstanding services. The firm’s investors and board of management have leant it the necessary support, which has seen it expand tremendously by integrating partners who complement its core business objectives.

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IAP Worldwide Services Jobs

IAP Worldwide Services jobs at

IAP has been on the forefront in upholding and promoting ethical business practices in the international services industry. Its growth has not only been based on financial success but also the way it treats its stakeholders. This has enabled it to create logistical networks that have the ability to withstand all the technical challenges, which are common in the industry. It has similarly enabled IAP to become famed for offering responsive and reliable services, which not only meet, but exceed the expectations of clients.

IAP’s Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

The company has strived to ensure that the community, which forms an important component of its success, is well taken care of. This has been done through a number of community projects. IAP Worldwide Services’ commitment to veterans in particular is well documented. This even won it a spot in the US Veterans Magazine in 2014 for being one of the most veteran-friendly companies. The company also takes part in fundraisers aimed at uplifting the lives of local community members in places that it has operations. In addition, it participates in environmental conservation.

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Getting Easy Access to Locations with the Help of Wikipedia

Whenever anyone uses a navigation app when visiting a place that they are not familiar with, they will probably need to use Google or Wikipedia to find out more about the place or what things are interesting within the locality that they are visiting. Anyone using the HERE app will no longer have to switch the apps since the service has come up with the Wikipedia Sights feature that has been added to the Guide tours and Eat & Drink HERE, which are on the Nearby feature. Wikipedia is one of the world’s most visited and dependable sites for people who need to learn more about anything. The HERE map currently has the Wikipedia Sight incorporated into its Nearby feature. When anyone is visiting an area that they are not familiar with they can select the Nearby feature and use its Wikipedia option. The feature shows all interesting sites around the location and a summary from Wikipedia about the place. Anyone who would like to know more about the place can visit it’s actual Wiki page or visit the location.

The Nearby feature allows people to access easily exciting stuff that can be linked to their location or destination. It also has extra information and applications for collecting data similar to the GetYourGuide Tours. The modification of the features aims at offering the user more information without exiting from the HERE app. The Nearby Wikipedia Sight will be automatically available to the users, and they do not need to update their app for them to get it.

Wikipedia website is easy to use, and it is also has a lot of traffic. Businesses and individuals who make a Wiki page enjoy a lot of benefits that it offers. Any internet user can easily create a page and make a post about a person, a brand or a company. Wikipedia page creation fosters a good reputation for any organization since it increases its credibility, prestige, and authenticity. The Wikipedia page creates an additional presence of an institution on the internet and also visibility since the site has been optimized on search engines. Organizations or individuals who wish to have a Wiki page can hire a Wikipedia expert from the service since it has highly skilled writers who can help in creating proper pages. They understand how to make useful posts with a good ranking of keywords that enable the articles to appear at the top of the search engine when anyone searches for related information.

Visit to get more information about Get Your Wiki and what they can do for you.

Why Is The Securus Setup Best For Our Nonprofit?

We have set up an entire nonprofit around helping people who are in prison, but we have been in need of a system that helps us reach out o prisoners who are not near us. It is nice to be on the Securus app, and I actually put it on every single device that we own. It was much easier for us to see the people we were working with, and it helped us to put a personal touch on the services that we provided. That meant that we were talking to people who could see that there was a live person who cared.

We are all about caring, and we want to show the prisoners that they have someone who can help them. We want to be sure that all the people that we work with feel cared for, and we want them to know that they have a place to go when they get out. Released prisoners who are not able to get any help do not do well, and that is why we have set up our nonprofit to help these people. We want to be right there when they get out, but they have to know our faces first.

The video calls that we do at Securus [see their BBB page] are very helpful in that they help us get to know everyone we work with. We can go get them when they get out, and we can teach them a lot of things about the way that they can manage their lives once they are out. We want people to feel like they can function once they get out, and we want these people to know that there is a place to go until they get back on their feet. The only way to do that is to call in to them with Securus.

For more information about this app, read PR Newswire’s articles about it.

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Venezuelan Salsa Singer Norka Luque Is Turning Heads In The Music World

Norka Luque has an unforgettable voice. Norka is one of those singers that stays in the minds of everyone who hears her. Her music is unique, upbeat and contagious. Thanks to Grammy award-winning producer, Emilio Estefan, Norka music is being discovered by audiences all over the Latino world, and it won’t be long before Norka is a household name in cities across America. Producing #1 hits is not unusual for Estefan. Emilio is the man behind Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine. Emilio knows good salsa singers when he hears them, but Norka’s voice goes beyond salsa. Just like Gloria Estefan, Norka Luque’s voice has a universal appeal, and that is a rare quality in the music world.

Norka started singing in her hometown of Caracas when she was eight. Her parent knew she had the talent to be a star, so they encourage her by providing love, as well as voice and piano lessons. Norka continued to sing while she was in school, but she decided to study in France after she graduated from secondary school in Venezuela. While she studied business administration, she sang in a small rock band on the weekends. Her dynamic and addictive voice drew young dancers on the dance floor, and it wasn’t long before there were lines outside of the French clubs where her band, Bad Moon Rising, played.

Norka was always in love with Ricky Martin’s music and after attending one of his concerts in France she decided to move to Miami and sing for a living. Norka worked the Latino club circuit in Miami for a couple of years. When the word got out that a young Venezuelan singer was packing the dance clubs, Emilio Estefan, and his crew decided to check her out. Estefan immediately offered Norka a deal to produce her sound and cut a single. In 2011, her first single “I can Do It Tu” was a hit in the Latino community. Her 2012 release, Milagro made it to #11 on the Billboard Dance Charts. Milagro was #1 in Venezuela for 14 straight weeks. Norka’s 2016 release Tomorrowland is another dance hit, and there is more to come from the collaboration between Estefan, Norka, and composer Archie Pena.

Norka has a special talent. Thanks to Estefan and composer Archie Pena, Norka’s talent will be part of the American music scene for years to come. Visit her Facebook page to learn more.

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Talk Fusion CEO Gives Back

Talk Fusion, a video communications business, opened their doors in 2007 but has spent lots of time helping people along the way. Talk Fusion is one of the leading brands in video communications, bringing the ability to video conference, broadcast, and network products on social networking. What began with a video email service has grown to encompass the entire video communications business.

While their achievements in business are impressive, the company has spent years helping people to build futures, realize dreams, and give back to the community. They are committed to not only their business, but to changing lives. Under Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion, the company is built around and motivated to make a difference, and that giving attitude is in no short supply. So far, Reina has had a major impact on the world with a record breaking $1 million donation that went to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. His love doesn’t stop at animals, he has also made generous donations to help support an orphanage in Indonesia. His actions often are contagious and inspire others, his company and independent associates are located in more than 140 countries around the world and they are all as devoted as Reina.

Reina is now using his business to help those in need by allowing his Talk Fusion Associates to donate one account to the charity of their choice, free of charge. It is for the custom monthly plan, the top of the line that the company offers. The goal is simple, but one that carries lots of power behind it, to help charities and nonprofit organizations reach more people and spread their message.

From personal donations, fundraisers, helping those in Japan affected by the tsunami, volunteering time and resources for the less fortunate, and helping the Nepal earthquake victims, it’s easy to see that Reina’s mission is changing lives everyday. Information obtained from Your Mark On The World.

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Jose Manuel Gonzalez Argues Political Messiah Unreliable

Members of the political class painted as messiahs who would bring salvation and redemption to the masses have remained untouchables for years. However, bold and daring thought leaders like Jose Manuel Gonzalez do not fear speaking out the hurting truth. Although the politicians argue they have little or totally no control of how a country is run, Jose believes otherwise. He also believes the kingpins of different political parties have hindered success by baring new blood to take up leadership.

National Agreement

According to Jose, the one magic bullet needed to end poverty and spur growth is a national agreement. The parliament will become a platform to harmonize and endorse the agreement to boost the spirit of national agreement. It will also include restoration of freedom and justice for the benefit of all the citizens.

Cut Off Impunity

The success of the country has been derailed by impunity and poor economic policies. Over the years, the focus on importing food has been overwhelmed by challenges that Jose believes can be avoided. He feels politics is too important to at any point be left to politicians. This is because they will drag their politician blood into developing economic policies thus making them poor resolutions.

A special type of dictatorship has been noted by Jose to be a troublemaker in developing and implementing policies. After decisions are made, they are left in the hands of people who are not ready to implement them. This means the representation people wanted to enjoy is curtailed as they cannot have their issues addressed practically.

Background of Jose

In 2013, Jose worked for the central bank helping in decision making plus taking an advisory role. He also taught in different research centers on the topic of economic analysis of public policies. In 1994 he was still an adviser in Banco de Espana. He has also worked with the Bank of International Settlements. Jose has intensively written and spoken about financial matters in Venezuela. He has been honored with different distinctions as a scholar of European Academy of Arts and Sciences. His advisory positions plus academic excellence has made him a high voltage expert in financial matters.

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Keith Mann Creating Opportunities as well as Wealth

When you think about the entrepreneur mindset, it is one that is very enigmatic. On the one hand you have someone who doesn’t want to take it easy and who would rather work hard and continue to do as much as possible to get ahead. And on the other hand, because small business owners, hustlers, and entrepreneurs understand how hard it can be to distinguish oneself and break away from the pack, it is also very important for those individuals to support others of the same worthy and noble cause that is entrepreneurship. That’s exactly why no one is surprised that famous New York entrepreneur Keith Mann has found yet another way to give back by creating a new scholarship.

Keith Mann has not only been able to create significant efficiency in the marketplace by being successful in his organization, but his entire small business mindset means that there are countless products and services currently on the market that were influenced by him either directly or indirectly. So when people start to ask why he has the desire to give back and help others with a scholarship, there is a very good answer.

On the one hand, by making it easier for younger people to go back to school and get an education, you might be giving someone a free gift and a handout and they may never learn to work for it themselves. On the other hand, Keith Mann realizes just how difficult it is to actually attend school and by helping to give someone that little bridge over a financial gap, he could be helping the next doctor, lawyer, or entrepreneur receive the training that they need.

At the end of the day you need to continue to seek out the professionals such as Keith Mann who are trying to make positive differences in society and figure out how you can assist them as well as emulate them. It’s not just about finding the way to create efficiency so you can generate more profits that matter. It’s about bringing additional knowledge, experience, and capabilities into the workforce, and with a brand new scholarship that is exactly what Keith Mann is doing.

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