U.S. Money Reserve’s Recent Awards for Videography

The Videographer Awards is an annual competition that rewards excellence in various aspects of videography during the current year and is operated and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals.

A vast array of businesses throughout the world enter their video work. This year the U.S Money Reserve was recently given four awards for the 2016 Videographer Awards for its work in the area of videography. The two most highlighted of these were Awards in Excellence in “TV/Commercials/Product” and “Creativity in TV/Cinematography.”

The U.S. Money Reserve is known for its primary business-being one of the world’s largest distributor of gold, silver, and platinum. Their videography experience came from an infomercial they aired on TV that featured testimonies from satisfied customers.

The two Awards of Excellence received by the company are extra special because they are considered among the most prestigious in the videography industry. There are several of these kinds of awards given out and winning two of them means a lot to the company.

Angela Koch, CEO of U.S. Money Reserve, says this has enormously bolstered the company’s confidence in its marketing, media, and production teams. She says she is incredibly proud of how real to the public they make the beating heart of the company.

According to PR Newswire, the U.S. Money Reserve definitely had a lot of competition with 1,500 companies around the world sending entries in for the prize. These are not its only recent awards in videography. Last month the company also took the Bronze medal at the 37th annual Telly Awards for another video project called “Philip Diehl IRA.”

To get more details contact the company by visiting www.usmoneyreserve.com . U.S. Money Reserve is a relatively young company, having been founded in 2001. But it has grown astronomically since that time to have hundreds of thousands of clients all across the U.S. The marketing, media, and production professionals mentioned above only comprise a small fraction of its many varied expertise.

U.S. Money Research employs experts in many fields with its best being in the field of coin research. These experts are the best in the world, with impeccable knowledge about the most valuable coins.

One of the reasons that U.S. Money Reserve has so many loyal customers is because it has one of the best customer service programs that you will find anywhere. They have operations all over the country, but have their headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Securus Technologies Introduces a ConnectUs Application to the Corrections Market

At Securus Technologies, we are saving clients time and money by integrating our Grievance application and Inmate Forms on ConnectUs. We operate on a philosophy of serving and connecting. Our main agenda is to set new standards of distinction in the corrections market.

Russell Roberts’ opinions

Russell Roberts believes that Securus is headed in the right direction. He gives the Grievance Application and Inmate Forms as one of the examples of our dedication to providing high-quality services. Russell heads our Marketing and Strategy division. As the division’s Vice President, he is in charge of our investment strategies.

Correctional agencies utilize paper forms for many inmate requests including medical, sign up forms, grievances, and handbook acceptance forms. The correctional administrators/officer spend a lot of time issuing, assembling, longing, copying, routing, filing and storing forms.

About the ConnectUs application

This innovative application allows inmates to access customized forms. The process of changing the form is easy and time conscious. It does not involve any form of printing. The ConnectUs application converts manual paper procedures to digital automation. The application is making a significant difference for clients. Automation of these processes allows the correctional facilities to focus on other important matters such improving safety and security. Detainees can access the forms on a self-service basis, check out the status of grievances, and accept or file an appeal.

Securus Technology

Securus Technology is among the largest and reliable providers of high-quality detainee communications, innovative information management solutions, and parolee tracking. Our main offices are based in Dallas, Texas, and we have regional offices in Atlanta, Dallas metro area, and Georgia. We offer our services to about 2,600 correctional agencies in 45 states, Mexico, Canada, and District of Columbia. Over one million incarcerated persons, enjoy our visionary services and products. Our mission is to make the world a better place by using technology.

Lip Balm Can Make A Healthy Mouth

Everyone who wants to have a healthier mouth needs to think about more than just brushing their teeth. Brushing teeth is a good start for people who want to have a healthy mouth, but their lips are really important, too. Lip balm like Evolution of Smooth is something that will help people keep their lips healthy so that there is not a problem with drying and cracking.
Lips will start to bleed when they are drying and cracking, and it can be very hard for people to recover from that if they are not using a lip balm. Evolution of Smooth will infuse lips with a lot of natural ingredients that will make them feel good, and it will be very easy for someone to keep using the lip balm every day until they have smoother lips.

Smooth lips appear after the lips have been treated and allowed to heal after use of lip balms like Evolution of Smooth. That means that smooth lips take time, and then they need to be treated the right way every day. Using Evolution of Smooth is helpful because it goes on simply, and then it sinks into lips so that they are not getting too dry. There are a lot of people who use Evolution of Smooth right before they need to speak, or they can use it before they play an instrument or have to use their lips at work talking on the phone.

The people who are using Evolution of Smooth often need to keep it on them so that they will not have problems. They need to know that they can put it on at any time, and they need to know that it will work. They can feel the effects of the lip balm when they use it, and their lips will survive harsh conditions. For more info, check out the EOS website at evolutionofsmooth.com and visit their Facebook page.

Evolution of Smooth product links:


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Lovaganza Announcement features Several Highly Anticipated Global Events

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Lovaganza is a platform that operates on two arms. Lovaganza entertainment franchise is a for-profit entertainment wing that provides global entertainment from all cultures. The other arm is Lovaganza foundation that uses proceeds from the other arm to provide aid to people in need around the globe.

Inspired by the past and the mid-20th-century classics, Lovaganza is preparing for the international celebrations that have been scheduled to take place from May to September of 2020. The celebrations will take place simultaneously in 8 locations around the world.

All cultures around the world shall be showcased in the presentation. This shall be done through cultural celebrations and culture-specific entertainments. The events shall range from live events to exhibitions and motion pictures on Vimeo. All the events will be under an umbrella theme of embarking to a bohemian adventure.

The celebrations had previously been scheduled to occur in 2015 but were pushed to 2020. Lovaganza was done to make sure the event incorporated the new technologies and cutting edge concepts of entertainment. This will enable the firm to give their fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of experiencing all the cultures in the world.

The organizers of the event plan to showcase various cultures including African culture, Middle East, Asian, Oceania, European and American cultures. The celebrations will last for four months in the unprecedented spread of hands across the world ceremony.

The events in 2020 shall be introduced by a traveling show that will begin in 2017. The show is meant to publicize the 2020 event. The road trip shall also incorporate the launching of 3D glasses developed by Lovaganza. The show will enable people around the world to have a taste of the cinematic glasses.

Three major motion pictures shall be released and viewed through the new 3D glasses. This motion pictures will also be available at the Lovaganza traveling pavilion. The pavilion will feature the standard 3D glasses and 2D theaters in their traveling show.

The basic shoots for the motion picture have already begun in various locations around the world featuring USA, Spain, and France. The filming shall resume at a later date in India, Africa and the rest of the specified location around the world.

During Lovaganza traveling show, the film trilogy shall be aired on the innovative Immerscope screens. The screens are aimed to create a new cinematic experience never been experienced anywhere before. It is also aimed to revive the nostalgia of the old Cinerama screens.

Learn more about Lovaganza: http://www.euroweeklynews.com/3.0.15/news/on-euro-weekly-news/axarquia-costa-tropical/124030-movie-boost-for-frigiliana