Jeremy Goldstein on the pros of knockout options

Many companies are taking an about turn when it comes to the matters of stock options. Stock options are a means of workers compensation in which they are given a chance to buy a certain proportion of the company’ shares. However, in these days many companies are opting to withdraw the stock options for so that they can make more saving among other reasons. According to an advocate of knockout options, stock options are a better way of compensating workers when compared to other options such as equities, insurance, and higher wages. Stock options have the advantage of making the employees remain dedicated to their duties since they know a good stock value will improve their portfolio in the company.


For companies that are withdrawing stock options, they cite decline of stock values as an issue that creates a complicated scenario for them since the situation leads to overhang. A position that may put the stature of the company in the eyes of shareholders and investors in jeopardy.


Stock options usually work on the same basis as the normal stock. Once the stock value falls too low, they lose value and the employees risk losing them. The knockout option offers companies a chance to operate with stock options but in a workable method. Knockout options do not risk the investment of non-employees. This will mean that the company will not have to worry that the share value of the investors will be affected by a loss in value of the stocks.


Knockout options create a scenario where the company spends less in compensating executive members of the company. Adoption of stock options by companies as Jeremy Goldstein recommends can work well for companies that are into that method of workers compensation.


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer with the Jeremy L. Goldstein &Associates. Jeremy Goldstein is an authority when it comes to issues of corporate governance and executive compensation.


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Jason Hope Well-Known Philanthropist and Technology Expert

One of the leading names in the technology industry is that of Jason Hope. He has contributed majorly to the mobile technology over the years and is the co-founder of the many mobile technology companies. Jason Hope has also invested in many of the technology start-ups and continues to look for lucrative investment opportunities. Jason Hope says that the reason he is so deeply invested in the mobile technology industry is that many people feel that it is a sector that is highly saturated and developed already, but in reality, there is still a lot of potential of new break-through, inventions, and development.

Jason Hope continues to look for new technology that is being developed and keeps himself updated about the latest technology trends. One of the technologies that have caught his eye and fascinated him tremendously is the Internet of Things technology. Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things technology is the future of the technology world and is going to replace many of the conventional technologies in use soon today. Jason Hope says that the Internet of Things technology would ultimately transform the technology sector and change how people and industries work and function. Jason Hope says that the applications of the Internet of Things technology would be useful in the manufacturing, designing, corporate, technology, transport, aviation, space technology, and just about every niche one can think of.

The internet of things technology creates a network of devices that are connected to each other. For example, your air conditioner can be attached to your phone, and you can command your air conditioner remotely as well. In the manufacturing industry, it would help in improving the production output and upgrading the processes to make it more efficient. Jason Hope is excited that many Internet of Things technology-based devices have started to launch, which he says would certainly bring a revolution among the people. Jason Hope, as a renowned Arizona based philanthropist has helped numerous charities and local communities over the years. One of the primary areas of his donations is the medical research as it is what would help him realize the end goal of defeating some of the rare and terminal diseases. He believes that medical research would pave the way to even greater possibilities, one of which he says is extending the lifespan of people till unimaginable limits.

Jason Hope donates to SENS Research Foundation for the very same reason. SENS Research Foundation researches how to improve the mortality rate of a human being and find anti-aging methods. Jason Hope has helped many local charities to support disadvantaged people and provide them with necessary supplies and essential. He continues to share his concerns and analysis about technology trends through online blogs and magazine articles.

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