The Online Crowd Goes Wild for Fabletics

A recent consumer trends study by digital marketing company BrightLocal revealed that 84% of people now trust online reviews just as much as they trust a recommendation from a friend. This statistic is huge for businesses that must ensure their digital presence is completely buttoned up, especially considering online reviews. One brand that is truly hitting the mark as far as leveraging the power of the online crowd is Kate Hudson’s brainchild. Fabletics, a brand of high quality athletic wear, is thrilling buyers and consistently growing their membership model by leveraging review-centric digital marketing strategies.


Fabletics was founded in 2013 under the blanket of the TechStyle Fashion Group. TechStyle and Kate Hudson wanted a brand that went digital first. While many brands in the retail industry are struggling to pivot their strategy to create a seamless experience for buyers both in the store and online, Fabletics went online first. Their membership model invites people to experience the entire world of Fabletics in a fun and mobile-centric digital realm. This was pivotal to the company. Fabletics wanted to fully embrace the digital and social media world and dive headfirst to delight customers online.


Fabletics knows that reviews are a huge part of today’s purchase process. Today’s customer typically visits 2-3 sites, including social media, before making a purchase decision. Reviews typically receive a prominent placement on sites like Google, Facebook and additional sites. Fabletics rewards fans for leaving their honest and unbiased reviews. Thus, they leverage the power of their crowd of buyers to generate glowing reviews that attract new buyers.


Kate Hudson says that she did not sign up to simply be the face of Fabletics. She works hand in hand with the leadership team to continue to grow her company and to gauge member experience. Whether she is direction social media strategy or reviewing sales numbers, Kate Hudson is very hands on in her work with Fabletics. She prides herself on being continually committed to the company. She even says that at any point she knows exactly how the clothing is performing.


In fact, Kate Hudson led the charge in implementing a brand new data system in Fabletics’ early days. This system allowed for consistent inventory levels to make sure that members were able to get the items they wanted quickly and efficiently. Although she loves working with Fabletics, Hudson says she will always be an actress at heart.

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Sahm Adrangi – The Capital Management’s CIO and Owner Raises $100 Million to Fund a Single Stock

According to the article that was published on, the Sahm Adrangi who works with the Kerrisdale Capital Management had been raising almost $100 million from investors to gamble against one stock. That information was presented to Reuters by an individual familiar with the situation. It is evident that the new co-investment of Kerrisdale appeared to be an exceptional one. Sometimes, the hedge fund directors will contribute some funds to focus on a specific investment hypothesis like recovering some ailing energy firms, or residential mortgage-backed securities.

However, the Kerrisdale is a comparatively small company that is located in New York that intended to use the funds to control the stock of the public firm that was to be unveiled. The company had contributed quite enough amount of capital within a short duration, and for that reason, they managed to strike a chord within the alternative community. That is according to an email statement written by Adrangi to investors. He adds that they had acquired a business with a net worth of $10 billion and they strove to make every investor understand the perceptions they had about it.

With the help of a business analyst, Shane Wilson, Adrangi has been focusing on the forthcoming campaign, whereby they were preparing a report, video, website, plus various strategies to influence their stockholders about the hypothesis. The target of the company was to be disclosed in mid-May 2016, and they had already started using the funds to purchase the required stock to establish the company’s position.

About Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi serves as the Kerrisdale Capital Management’s CIO He is also the owner of the company where he has been taking part in every aspect of the company’s growth from day it was established in 2009. Sahm used less than $1 million to launch the company, and now it is worth more than $150 million.

Widely recognized for short selling and research publication, Mr. Adrangi strives to share his company’s vision and views on stocks like under-followed longs and overhyped short that are unstated by the marketplace. The research of the company strives to correct widely held misconceptions about these firm’s basic business prospects.

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Eric Lefkofsky Searches for Ways to Help Cancer Patients

A big change in patient care is coming thanks to the help of Eric Lefkofsky. The American entrepreneur and co-founder for Tempus is working on a way to improve the care of patients who have cancer. Eric has dipped his hands in a number of companies like Echo Global Logistics, Mediaocean and Uptake. Out of Chicago, a capital firm known to others as Lightbank, he also is co-founder of.

Eric Lefkofsky started out by selling carpeting when attending the University of Michigan. Once he completed law school in 1993, Eric and his buddy created the apparel company out of Madison, Wisconsin that was named Brandon Apparel.

Eric has dipped his hands into many businesses, some of them were successful while some proved not to be. Once he had made a large amount of money and wanted to give back to the communities, Eric and family started a trust in the name of the Lefkofsky Foundation. The goal of the foundation is to provide support in charitable giving, educational organizations and scientific programs around the world. The main focus of the foundation is on children. To date, the foundation has helped over 50 different organizations. In the year 2013, Eric and wife joined a group known as The Giving Pledge.

There are a number of things that can contribute to the beginning of lung cancer. One particular cause is smoking. This is the most common factor which contributes to the development of lung cancer. Recently, Dartmouth has led a team of researchers led by Yafang Li. A PhD that who conducted the study in the case where gene-smoking interaction have played a role in the etiology in lung cancer.

In the study conducted by Dartmouth, variations within our DNA has shown that individuals are prone to developing a disease over others. The interaction data collected for analysis shows the risk of non-small cell cancer in the lungs were at risk for developing cancer over others. The advances being made in cancer technology has focused on genome sequencing and interactions between the two.

The study at Dartmouth is just one study that is hoping to change lives that are affected by cancer. For Eric Lefkofsky, this is a big deal. Eric has had someone very close to him that had their own scare with cancer. Because of the scare, Eric is searching for ways to help others who are affected by cancer to ensure that everything possible is being done to help patients.

Jeremy Goldstein on the pros of knockout options

Many companies are taking an about turn when it comes to the matters of stock options. Stock options are a means of workers compensation in which they are given a chance to buy a certain proportion of the company’ shares. However, in these days many companies are opting to withdraw the stock options for so that they can make more saving among other reasons. According to an advocate of knockout options, stock options are a better way of compensating workers when compared to other options such as equities, insurance, and higher wages. Stock options have the advantage of making the employees remain dedicated to their duties since they know a good stock value will improve their portfolio in the company.


For companies that are withdrawing stock options, they cite decline of stock values as an issue that creates a complicated scenario for them since the situation leads to overhang. A position that may put the stature of the company in the eyes of shareholders and investors in jeopardy.


Stock options usually work on the same basis as the normal stock. Once the stock value falls too low, they lose value and the employees risk losing them. The knockout option offers companies a chance to operate with stock options but in a workable method. Knockout options do not risk the investment of non-employees. This will mean that the company will not have to worry that the share value of the investors will be affected by a loss in value of the stocks.


Knockout options create a scenario where the company spends less in compensating executive members of the company. Adoption of stock options by companies as Jeremy Goldstein recommends can work well for companies that are into that method of workers compensation.


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer with the Jeremy L. Goldstein &Associates. Jeremy Goldstein is an authority when it comes to issues of corporate governance and executive compensation.


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Jason Hope Well-Known Philanthropist and Technology Expert

One of the leading names in the technology industry is that of Jason Hope. He has contributed majorly to the mobile technology over the years and is the co-founder of the many mobile technology companies. Jason Hope has also invested in many of the technology start-ups and continues to look for lucrative investment opportunities. Jason Hope says that the reason he is so deeply invested in the mobile technology industry is that many people feel that it is a sector that is highly saturated and developed already, but in reality, there is still a lot of potential of new break-through, inventions, and development.

Jason Hope continues to look for new technology that is being developed and keeps himself updated about the latest technology trends. One of the technologies that have caught his eye and fascinated him tremendously is the Internet of Things technology. Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things technology is the future of the technology world and is going to replace many of the conventional technologies in use soon today. Jason Hope says that the Internet of Things technology would ultimately transform the technology sector and change how people and industries work and function. Jason Hope says that the applications of the Internet of Things technology would be useful in the manufacturing, designing, corporate, technology, transport, aviation, space technology, and just about every niche one can think of.

The internet of things technology creates a network of devices that are connected to each other. For example, your air conditioner can be attached to your phone, and you can command your air conditioner remotely as well. In the manufacturing industry, it would help in improving the production output and upgrading the processes to make it more efficient. Jason Hope is excited that many Internet of Things technology-based devices have started to launch, which he says would certainly bring a revolution among the people. Jason Hope, as a renowned Arizona based philanthropist has helped numerous charities and local communities over the years. One of the primary areas of his donations is the medical research as it is what would help him realize the end goal of defeating some of the rare and terminal diseases. He believes that medical research would pave the way to even greater possibilities, one of which he says is extending the lifespan of people till unimaginable limits.

Jason Hope donates to SENS Research Foundation for the very same reason. SENS Research Foundation researches how to improve the mortality rate of a human being and find anti-aging methods. Jason Hope has helped many local charities to support disadvantaged people and provide them with necessary supplies and essential. He continues to share his concerns and analysis about technology trends through online blogs and magazine articles.

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Swiss Entrepreneur and Banker-Mike Baur

Mike Baur is passionate about helping people since a young age, and now he is well described as a prominent business person in Switzerland. He is an entrepreneur who has more than 20 years of experience in the business world. After his High School graduation, the Swiss businessman joined the University of Rochester, New York graduated with an MBA and the University of Bern where he earned his Executive MBA. Mr. Mike is an ambitious man who since his early days was very hard working. After his graduation, he began working in the banking and the financial sector serving in different capacities in various banking institutions in Swiss. Some of the banking and financial facilities he served include; Clariden Leu Bank as well as UBS where he gained skills.

Mike Baur was able to set his priorities right when he was working in the banking and Finance industry. He knew well what he wanted and so he was committed to his duties. He raised the career ladder within a very short period of time and at the age of 39; Baur had already helped several top positions in the banking and finance sector. Mike Baur did not stay in the sector for long; instead, he opted to help the young ambitious Swiss youths to realize their dreams by establishing a startup factory. Swiss Startup Factory was established in 2014 when Mike Baur together with the other co-founders; Oliver Walzer and Max Meister came together. Mr. Baur has been in the forefront to realize the commitments and the accomplishment of the organization.

Mike has gone ahead to make sure that the aspiring young entrepreneurs have the best equipment and ground to realize their dreams. To make this a reality, Mike has collaborated with other organizations including CIT Invest, and he did not only join forces with the firm, instead, his leadership character led him to be appointed the Deputy Manager of the company. Mr. Mike Baur has helped not only the young entrepreneurs but also the business pioneers by supporting them financially as well as through mentorship. Ever since the creation of Swiss Startup Factory; the organization has been enjoying tremendous growth with them launching their website recently. The website; is a web page where the young entrepreneurs tell their success stories to the world. gives the world an opportunity to know how some of the famous and successful firms among them; online publishing and crowd-funding were established and the progressive stories of the founders.

America’s most celebrated Newscaster, Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a renowned American broadcaster who has numerous achievements and awards which make him very popular in the media business. Him being the architect of PodcastOne, a leader at the University of California and a former director of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories is just but the tip of an iceberg.


Norman Pattiz is known to be a part of two councils, the Foreign and International Relations. Forbes magazine rewarded him in Global Change Makers which took place in 2016. He was awarded for having launched Courtside Entertainment, a Group dealing with the production and distribution of quality programming. On top of that, he identified the prime opportunities with led to the development of PodcastOne towards the end of 2012. Many of his productions include All In The Family, Good Times and many others.


With all the huge accomplishments and experiences, he indeed must be the best in radio association. He is the founder of Westwood One which became America’s largest Media Industry. Westwood One managed many radio and television networks such as CNN radio and The Super Bowl respectively not exempting music and talk shows. Furthermore, he was delegated by President Clinton and Bush to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors. In addition to this, the National Radio Hall of Fame also earned him the Giants of Broadcasting Award which was derived from the Library of American Broadcasting.


The incredible efforts of Norman enabled the company to become the leading in the audio-on-demand programming. Today, PodcastOne’s famous line-up of personalities and brands include Adam Carolla, Shaquille O’Neal, and many other favorite podcasts. Norman brings his captivating voice to the microphone introducing Norman Lears’ show, All Of The Above on a weekly broadcast run by Lear himself alongside his ally Paul Hipp. This is captivating and educative interaction is believed to have the interests of many people on board.


His recent accomplishment is the declaration of Hollywood’s Legendary Creator and Producer Norman Lear to be hosting the show on his media network which will be aired every Monday. In addition to this, Pattiz admits that he always admired Lear’s incredible work and is honored to have his podcast on their booming network. Studies on, the PodcastOne app and iTunes showed an increased positive effect of podcast advertising on the recollection of certain brands and messaging together with the intention of buying specific products related to the media business. Learn more:


David McDonald And OSI Group: He’s Lovin’ It

David G. McDonald, 52 years old, is a businessman, an entrepreneur, and CEO (chief operating officer) and president of the OSI Group, LLC. Known to his friends and family as “Dave”, McDonald is the official head of this Washington, D.C.-based business. McDonald is attached to several industry efforts and has multiple interests. McDonald is also employed as the director of OSI International Foods Pty Limited headquartered in Australia as well as the OSI Group’s board of directors.

David McDonald’s Education

Following hi high school graduation, McDonald attended the Iowa State University. There he studied subject of animal science. He earned his bachelor of science degree in 1987.

David McDonald’s Background

McDonald is, additionally, the current chairman of the North American Meat Institute and was once one of OSI’s project manager. In December 2008, he took the position of an independent director for Marfrig Global Foods S.A. He accepted the gig following Marfrig Frigoríficos e Comércio de Alimentos’ acquisition of the OSI Group’s operations in Brazil and in Europe.

David McDonald’s Part In The Acquisition Of Baho Food

Nearly a year has passed since McDonald and company bought the business called Baho Food. For those not familiar with the company, Baho Food is the Dutch’s biggest convenience food processing company. Following the close of this big business deal, McDonald told the press that this acquisition would aid the OSI Group in meeting the many different needs of the company’s present European customers as well as enlarge OSI’s own present client base.

David McDonald Speaks About The OSI Group’s Sustainability

McDonald also talked with an interviewer at the CEO CFO Interviews website. He was questioned about a number of different relevant topics including the present direction of OSI Group, their general innovation and other topics connected to the future sustainability of the company. McDonald told the internet magazine that the OSI Group continues to focus on expansion. For more  info about us: click here.

McDonald also stated that while the values of the OSI Group haven’t changed, the company’s solutions to various problems and issues and their line of merchandise are constantly in a state of change. David McDonald concluded that he still takes a lot of pride in the numerous successes of the OSI Group.

Online Reputation Management Is A Way To Protect Your Company

As a business owner or firm manager you may have heard all kind of stories regarding online reputation as well as just how your credibility can effect your success and revenue. If you have a good online reputation management system in place, you’ll no have to worry about reputation issues. Reputation management firms can advise and guide you.

People browse the web searching for information regarding firms and service providers before choosing one to take care of their need. It is suggested to establish a good online reputation and also make certain that clients and customers are impressed with what they see when they look you up on search engines and social media sites.

It’s real that favorable or positive reputation can help you to succeed in your endeavors while unfavorable or derogatory online image could seriously impede your progress or perhaps damage your entire business or organization. As a result, to attain the success you desire in your undertaking, it is absolutely essential to check out how you are portrayed online and take actions to deal with any issues.

The main function of online reputation management company like is to protect the reputation of your company. All the methods of Internet marketing such as review sites, social media, and discussion forums could work to either your advantage or negative aspect. They offer your competitors or any disgruntled clients the capacity to defame your company effortlessly and also it could be practically impossible to shut down a website that is slandering your company.

Being involves online in these different places could not only give you the possibility to monitor just what is being posted about your firm but it also provides you a chance to stop assaults and defamation. There are numerous methods to do this, for instance buying all the domain names associated with your company, making certain the information on your accounts that are on review websites is correct, and also asking for positive endorsements to be posted on your firm’s social media page, and also various other conversation online forums.

The Finance Advisory Solutions that are offered by Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions Inc.

Wealth Solutions is a renowned company that has been providing clients with excellent investment advisory services. The company was founded by Richard Blair in 1994, and it is currently based in Austin, Texas. It is run as a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) enterprise. Wealth Solutions has been forming various approaches that it uses in giving top-notch services to the clients. Mr. Blair, who also heads the firm, knows that it is necessary for different individuals to have excellent strategies that can support them in achieving their dreams. He has always been focused on offering the residents of Austin the best investment and retirement guidance.

The finance advice that the company has been providing has been assisting many clients in developing, safeguarding, and managing their wealth. Mr. Blair uses his exceptional knowledge and experience in offering his guidance to Wealth Solution’s customers. He has respected for the professional accreditations that he holds, and they include CFA, CES, CAS, and RICP.

Richard Blair Wealth Solutions’ strategies for offering solutions are made up of three main pillars. The tactics have made it possible for the company to analyze and understand the financial potential of an individual and their retirement objectives. They have also helped the organization in forming wide-ranging and personalized strategies for its customers.

The main pillar of the firm is used in guiding the clients to determine their financial requirements. It helps in comprehending the potential, objectives, development platforms, and risk acceptance of an individual. The company understands where the client comes from and uses his or her background in forming unparalleled financial policies.

According to Intelieus, the Richard Blair Wealth Solution’s second pillar is for coming up with a long-term approach that can solve the investment needs of a client. They are customized to suit the specific financial needs of the customers and their investment objectives.

Mr. Blair has been practicing for long, and therefore, he has the knowledge that is needed in transforming and controlling assets in a way that enables the client’s portfolio to perform highly when the markets are at the peak and also suffer the minimum impact during off-seasons. The company’s last pillar deals with attaining the insurance requirement of the clients. It achieves this by determining the client’s aims and creating plans that are essential in accomplishing them.

Richard Blair’s finance advisory solutions have been important to the people of Austin. The main clients that he has been serving are family businesses, high net worth individuals, and small businesses. Mr. Blair acquired teaching skills from his mother and grandmother, and he combines them with his finance knowledge to provide quality services.