The Process of Becoming a Topnotch Lawyer in Brazil

One of the most coveted professionals in Brazil is becoming an attorney. Here are some savvy tips and pointers to get you started on the right path to success as a lawyer in Brazil. The nation gained her independence from Portugal in 1822. Soon after that, the nation created its premier legal system. The process of training Brazilian lawyers quickly ensued and the first law school was set up in 1827 in Sao Paulo city and Olinda.

Their current system borrows heavily from numerous cultures. For instance, some aspects are borrowed from the Portuguese and their Civil Code originates from the Italian legal system. There are three vital prerequisites for one to become a practicing attorney in the South American nation. They are:-

1.   Pass the vestibular

2.   Get a law degree

3.   Take and pass the national bar examination

How does the education system in Brazil work?

First, the high schoolers take a national exam and upon attaining a particular grade. A law degree takes less than five years to complete in both private and public universities. Any institution must be fully accredited and authorized to offer the course by the relevant authorities for instance by the National Commission of the Attorneys of Brazil Federal Council and by the Ministry of Education.

It is mandatory for a prospective student to take up some subjects in high school before being accepted into law school. The compulsory subjects are clustered in three broad axes:-

1.     The Basic Education axis

2.    The Professional Education axis

3.    The Practical Education axis

Each axis contains important subjects which are of particular importance to the legal profession. Subjects like sociology, sciences, economics and up to 300 hours of mandatory vocational training as a lawyer.

Brazilian Bar Association

After graduating, it is now time to look for an internship position before facing the OAB. This acronym stands for Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil. The national bar exams are conducted three times a year, and it comprises 80 MCQ’s. The overall pass mark stands at 60%.

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