Venezuelan Salsa Singer Norka Luque Is Turning Heads In The Music World

Norka Luque has an unforgettable voice. Norka is one of those singers that stays in the minds of everyone who hears her. Her music is unique, upbeat and contagious. Thanks to Grammy award-winning producer, Emilio Estefan, Norka music is being discovered by audiences all over the Latino world, and it won’t be long before Norka is a household name in cities across America. Producing #1 hits is not unusual for Estefan. Emilio is the man behind Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine. Emilio knows good salsa singers when he hears them, but Norka’s voice goes beyond salsa. Just like Gloria Estefan, Norka Luque’s voice has a universal appeal, and that is a rare quality in the music world.

Norka started singing in her hometown of Caracas when she was eight. Her parent knew she had the talent to be a star, so they encourage her by providing love, as well as voice and piano lessons. Norka continued to sing while she was in school, but she decided to study in France after she graduated from secondary school in Venezuela. While she studied business administration, she sang in a small rock band on the weekends. Her dynamic and addictive voice drew young dancers on the dance floor, and it wasn’t long before there were lines outside of the French clubs where her band, Bad Moon Rising, played.

Norka was always in love with Ricky Martin’s music and after attending one of his concerts in France she decided to move to Miami and sing for a living. Norka worked the Latino club circuit in Miami for a couple of years. When the word got out that a young Venezuelan singer was packing the dance clubs, Emilio Estefan, and his crew decided to check her out. Estefan immediately offered Norka a deal to produce her sound and cut a single. In 2011, her first single “I can Do It Tu” was a hit in the Latino community. Her 2012 release, Milagro made it to #11 on the Billboard Dance Charts. Milagro was #1 in Venezuela for 14 straight weeks. Norka’s 2016 release Tomorrowland is another dance hit, and there is more to come from the collaboration between Estefan, Norka, and composer Archie Pena.

Norka has a special talent. Thanks to Estefan and composer Archie Pena, Norka’s talent will be part of the American music scene for years to come. Visit her Facebook page to learn more.

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