Lovaganza- A Celebration of Cultures Around the World

Hands across the world may well be an appropriate name for Lovaganza. They have a goal on Wikidot.com, which is to create an understanding of what our connections to each other are. They also want to show the world what makes each and every culture unique in its own way. Maybe this will be a step in the right direction to have a prosperous and healthy world in which to live.

By showcasing the different cultures around the world on instagram.com they will show us all the different ethnic backgrounds, their culture, music, and art that makes up our world.

This extravaganza of Lovaganza will run from May to September 2020 and will have an entertainment genre that has never been seen before. All of this will take place simultaneously around the world in eight different locations.

Inspired by the past, present, and future of our cultures you will begin to feel the nostalgia of years gone by. The atmosphere will remind you of the era of the World’s Fairs and the old Cinerama.

In 2017 a Traveling Show will hit the road to promote the celebrations of 2020, and to present its goals and the mission it has undertaken. They will be presenting a sample of the new cinematic glasses along with a free 3D immersive experience.

The Immerscope is a ground breaking cinema screen with an 180 curved wraparound, glassless screen that will let the guests see the different cultures of the world by viewing an animated series, The Marvelous 12.

Visit one of their pavilions in the caravan where they will present “A Walk Around the World”. This attraction in Lovaganza will literally allow the audience to walk around the world, in different countries on all the continents. They are presenting this exhibition in hopes of promoting a better understanding of just what makes us unique and unites us all.

They have scheduled three celebrations to reach their goal of a healthy, prosperous world to live in. These celebrations are being called Lovaganza 2020 for unity, for peace, and for abundance.

On September 14,2020 people in America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Oceania will unite in “Hands Across the World “. Lovaganza is to be a worldwide event to demonstrate unity by millions of people holding hands to form a human chain through all of the continents.

By way of a Unity Machine, a virtual bridge over the mountains, deserts, and oceans will allow a person to connect on a screen with someone on another continent.

Lovaganza Announcement features Several Highly Anticipated Global Events

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Lovaganza is a platform that operates on two arms. Lovaganza entertainment franchise is a for-profit entertainment wing that provides global entertainment from all cultures. The other arm is Lovaganza foundation that uses proceeds from the other arm to provide aid to people in need around the globe.

Inspired by the past and the mid-20th-century classics, Lovaganza is preparing for the international celebrations that have been scheduled to take place from May to September of 2020. The celebrations will take place simultaneously in 8 locations around the world.

All cultures around the world shall be showcased in the presentation. This shall be done through cultural celebrations and culture-specific entertainments. The events shall range from live events to exhibitions and motion pictures on Vimeo. All the events will be under an umbrella theme of embarking to a bohemian adventure.

The celebrations had previously been scheduled to occur in 2015 but were pushed to 2020. Lovaganza was done to make sure the event incorporated the new technologies and cutting edge concepts of entertainment. This will enable the firm to give their fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of experiencing all the cultures in the world.

The organizers of the event plan to showcase various cultures including African culture, Middle East, Asian, Oceania, European and American cultures. The celebrations will last for four months in the unprecedented spread of hands across the world ceremony.

The events in 2020 shall be introduced by a traveling show that will begin in 2017. The show is meant to publicize the 2020 event. The road trip shall also incorporate the launching of 3D glasses developed by Lovaganza. The show will enable people around the world to have a taste of the cinematic glasses.

Three major motion pictures shall be released and viewed through the new 3D glasses. This motion pictures will also be available at the Lovaganza traveling pavilion. The pavilion will feature the standard 3D glasses and 2D theaters in their traveling show.

The basic shoots for the motion picture have already begun in various locations around the world featuring USA, Spain, and France. The filming shall resume at a later date in India, Africa and the rest of the specified location around the world.

During Lovaganza traveling show, the film trilogy shall be aired on the innovative Immerscope screens. The screens are aimed to create a new cinematic experience never been experienced anywhere before. It is also aimed to revive the nostalgia of the old Cinerama screens.

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