Jose Manuel Gonzalez Argues Political Messiah Unreliable

Members of the political class painted as messiahs who would bring salvation and redemption to the masses have remained untouchables for years. However, bold and daring thought leaders like Jose Manuel Gonzalez do not fear speaking out the hurting truth. Although the politicians argue they have little or totally no control of how a country is run, Jose believes otherwise. He also believes the kingpins of different political parties have hindered success by baring new blood to take up leadership.

National Agreement

According to Jose, the one magic bullet needed to end poverty and spur growth is a national agreement. The parliament will become a platform to harmonize and endorse the agreement to boost the spirit of national agreement. It will also include restoration of freedom and justice for the benefit of all the citizens.

Cut Off Impunity

The success of the country has been derailed by impunity and poor economic policies. Over the years, the focus on importing food has been overwhelmed by challenges that Jose believes can be avoided. He feels politics is too important to at any point be left to politicians. This is because they will drag their politician blood into developing economic policies thus making them poor resolutions.

A special type of dictatorship has been noted by Jose to be a troublemaker in developing and implementing policies. After decisions are made, they are left in the hands of people who are not ready to implement them. This means the representation people wanted to enjoy is curtailed as they cannot have their issues addressed practically.

Background of Jose

In 2013, Jose worked for the central bank helping in decision making plus taking an advisory role. He also taught in different research centers on the topic of economic analysis of public policies. In 1994 he was still an adviser in Banco de Espana. He has also worked with the Bank of International Settlements. Jose has intensively written and spoken about financial matters in Venezuela. He has been honored with different distinctions as a scholar of European Academy of Arts and Sciences. His advisory positions plus academic excellence has made him a high voltage expert in financial matters.

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