Swiss Entrepreneur and Banker-Mike Baur

Mike Baur is passionate about helping people since a young age, and now he is well described as a prominent business person in Switzerland. He is an entrepreneur who has more than 20 years of experience in the business world. After his High School graduation, the Swiss businessman joined the University of Rochester, New York graduated with an MBA and the University of Bern where he earned his Executive MBA. Mr. Mike is an ambitious man who since his early days was very hard working. After his graduation, he began working in the banking and the financial sector serving in different capacities in various banking institutions in Swiss. Some of the banking and financial facilities he served include; Clariden Leu Bank as well as UBS where he gained skills.

Mike Baur was able to set his priorities right when he was working in the banking and Finance industry. He knew well what he wanted and so he was committed to his duties. He raised the career ladder within a very short period of time and at the age of 39; Baur had already helped several top positions in the banking and finance sector. Mike Baur did not stay in the sector for long; instead, he opted to help the young ambitious Swiss youths to realize their dreams by establishing a startup factory. Swiss Startup Factory was established in 2014 when Mike Baur together with the other co-founders; Oliver Walzer and Max Meister came together. Mr. Baur has been in the forefront to realize the commitments and the accomplishment of the organization.

Mike has gone ahead to make sure that the aspiring young entrepreneurs have the best equipment and ground to realize their dreams. To make this a reality, Mike has collaborated with other organizations including CIT Invest, and he did not only join forces with the firm, instead, his leadership character led him to be appointed the Deputy Manager of the company. Mr. Mike Baur has helped not only the young entrepreneurs but also the business pioneers by supporting them financially as well as through mentorship. Ever since the creation of Swiss Startup Factory; the organization has been enjoying tremendous growth with them launching their website recently. The website; is a web page where the young entrepreneurs tell their success stories to the world. gives the world an opportunity to know how some of the famous and successful firms among them; online publishing and crowd-funding were established and the progressive stories of the founders.